Muhammadiyah Helps Sulbar Residents Recognize Earthquakes As Part Of The Recovery Program

Mamuju, 10/02/2021. The quake that shook West Sulawesi on January 14 and 15, 2021 ago still brings concern for most West Sulawesi residents in their daily activities especially when there is a aftershock. To provide education to residents related to the earthquake and the risks faced by Muhammadiyah volunteers working in the service post (posyan) Tapalang Induk, Kasambang Subdistrict, Tapalang District, Mamuju Regency today held a socialization event for the victims. The socialization provided in connection with the earthquake, tsunami and guidance in dealing with it presented the staff of the Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Mamuju office. Dede Tayib, chairman of the Muhammadiyah Tapalang Induk post in his statement said the event was attended by 155 interceptors from 185 sidekick. "Some of the residents we accompanied were whose homes were severely and severely damaged, we wanted them to gain an understanding of how to deal with this disaster," he said. Dede Tayib added that in the socialization, the people gained the understanding that a great earthquake had occurred. "Earlier it was also said that based on the follow-up of the aftershocks, it is very minor and tends to decrease, then the guide to act when there is an earthquake and the call not to believe the hoax news related to the earthquake," he added. Still in order to educate the interceptors at the Tapalang Health Center, Mamuju Regency, Muhammadiyah volunteers who assisted in the operation of the Tapalang Health Center today Wednesday (10/02) with the health workers on duty began to direct the interceptors to get services into the main health center building. MDMC through Muhammadiyah National EMT for the last two weeks provided operational support to the Tapalang Health Center in the form of setting up outpatient tent facilities, assigning medical personnel and assisting with medical logistics. Darmawan, Muhammadiyah National EMT logistics support personnel who work at the Tapalang Health Center delivered the health services that began to be transferred to the main health center building is an outpatient service. "For new outpatient services, while IGD and inpatient services still use tents outside the main health center building. Tomorrow, Friday (12/02) it is hoped that the IGD service, general practitioners and dentists will be able to walk normally in the main building of the health center, while the hospital stay is still running in the tent "he said. Meanwhile, based on the report of the Majene-Mamuju earthquake disaster response situation released by MDMC West Sulawesi, until today (10/02) recorded 48,706 people benefiting from Muhammadiyah services with a total funding fund that has been issued amounting to Rp. 1,149,715,826. Muhammadiyah services in the Majene Mamuju earthquake are still running at 5 service post points spread in Mamuju, Tapalang, Tapalang Barat, Malunda and Ulumanda. These services include logistics, psychosocial, communal kitchen, health, shelter and environmental cleaning. (MDMC Media Team).

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